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MAGNETIC. A magnetic field is used to align the internal structure of the material to create a magnet. VERB. A verb asserts something about the subject. It conveys an action, an occurrence, or a state of being.

We help clients build internal align into their marketing and processes in order to create magnetic attraction. Through on-target graphic design, we convey calls to action, and present your brand (your culture, cause, vibe and state of being).

At magneticVerb, we have deep expertise and focus on the Christian market and nonprofit world. They say faith is a verb. Let's get started on making a difference that matters together. Contact magneticVerb today.

In 2000, Thatcher Design was founded. Over the years, as the market changed, so did our company. We changed our name to reflect the fact that our experience has grown us beyond a graphic design firm to include branding, web design for businesses, and marketing campaigns. Our job not only involves graphic design, but also online business tools and strategies that attract customer interaction.

We are MagneticVerb, a marketing + design consultancy that focuses on attracting your audience and moving them to act.

—Jay Thatcher

Jay Thatcher, Creative Director

Experience includes freelance at Carden & Cherry (Ad Agency since bought by Bohan), Anderson Thomas Design (now Anderson Design Group), LifeWay Christian Stores marketing department during a corporate name change, and a short contract job with HCA while he started Thatcher Design, now known as MagneticVerb.

In addition to his depth in the faith and family markets, Jay has diverse experience that includes toy packaging and ancillary "back to school" products for major motion picture releases. He's designed large hospital websites and marketing for medical technology initiatives. In rebranding an oil infrastructure company, Jay walked through the process of creating identity collateral, a website, and a web portal that included time sheets, project management, estimating and government compliant reports.

All these experiences blend to create a deep understanding of how marketing, graphic design, and business process intersect to create a consistent experience for clients, customers and end-users. Personal Stats: Married, father of 4.

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